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Who else want to discover how to increase your business profit by 28% in the next 60 days by implementing proven and simple, yet incredible powerful and effective marketing and sales strategies? They don't cost a lot and produce predefined and measurable results NOW!

You will find out "How a tiny $65 ad turned into over $2,000 in cash in just 30 days.";

"How this simple but effective promotion returned $15,000 in first week (the cost was $600)"

"I spy with my marketing eye - great marketing ploy - series of KGB style marketing techniques - reserved only for secret agents or very successful business owners"

and more bank account fattening marketing strategies...


:: 7 Deadly marketing sins 95% of business owners do ... more

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:: More articles about proven and simple yet powerful and extremely effective marketing strategies. These strategies don't cost a fortune; they produce predefined and measurable results! ...
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In good times or bad, if you want to increase your profits you have to think smarter...

This product contains 58 proven marketing strategies and 103 successful ads, letters and promotions. You can easily adapt each ad, letter or promotion for your business because you get the results of each promotion and a description of how it was executed.

For example, on page 24 there are two promotions. One returns $1,451 net profit for each $171 spent. The other gets 491 customers and $6,474 worth of extra sales in just three weeks. You can adapt them for your business with the instructions given in the marketing manual.

Use the letter on page 49 to get FREE products and cash from suppliers. See the tiny prospecting ad costing just $103 and get 33 enquiries each time it runs.

Use the promotion on page 50. It got a 52% response and resulted in 350 people coming into the store in 2 days.

And see the 3 Yellow Page ads on pages 16, 17 and 18. One got an 1100% increase in business.

And why not use the direct mail campaign shown on page 33 to sell your product or service? It resulted in $44,870 worth of business in 4 weeks.

Or try the idea of the "VIP Customer Club" cards on page 74. They get your customers coming back more often and spending more each time they visit you or use your services.

These nine, and the 94 other ads, letters and promotions are proof that the strategies in this manual work.

Here are samples of some of the 58 strategies you'll learn . . .
  • Why marketing is the easiest way to make more money in your business.
  • Six Marketing Principles you must know to make your sales and profits soar.
  • How to make powerful offers to instantly attract new customers to your business.
  • How to use direct mail to increase your sales and profits.
  • Your Yellow Pages ad - a simple technique to get you up to 980% better results - at no extra cost.
  • How to write headlines that'll get you up to 19 times greater response to all your ads, letters and brochures.
  • How to write newspaper and magazine ads that are 450% more profitable.
  • How to increase your profits by giving money back to your customers.
  • How to get FREE products, money and marketing support from your suppliers.
  • Eleven tested methods to increase the selling power of your ads, letters and promotions.
How to guarantee 10%, 25% ... or 50% more sales by asking a simple question. Nine quick ways to raise cash for your business ... plus more. See the Marketing Strategies applied in 41 Businesses

In Part 2 of the marketing manual you get specific `Do-It-Yourself' strategies for increasing profits in over 40 businesses - ranging from accountants, restaurants, hairdressers and car repairs, to bakeries, hotels, and wholesalers.

You'll get specific ideas for your business and you'll create your own strategies from the other businesses analysed in this section.

The manual also includes the right to adapt any of Peter's own promotions or letters for your business without copyright worries, and there's no better recipe for success than to use what has already worked for someone else. Others have paid thousands of dollars attending seminars, hiring marketing consultants and buying any number of over the counter marketing books to only get a fraction of the valuable information contained in this package.

Easy To Apply and Use This marketing manual, written by respected Australian author Peter Sun, is written in easy-to-read everyday English, making it simple to follow, and easy to use to get immediate results. The package also includes two audio cassettes and a one hour video.

Over 8,340 business owners are already using this program to increase profits. No matter what business you are in this is a "must have". Don't risk your marketing dollars without reading this first. Having this carefully selected reference library of ready-to-use ads, sales letters and promotional materials will give your business a huge advantage.


CONTENTS: 2 audio-cassettes, 134 page manual with 103 examples of successful ads, letters and promotions, plus a step-by-step video guide

What others say about this product

"Compared to our pre-Peter Sun days, our number of jobs is up by over 30%. That's an increase in income of around $39,500 a month."
Frank Kaslik - owner, TV & Video Repairs

"We've put on three extra staff. We got 223 new customers in just three weeks. Overall the business is up by 48% on last year. We'll certainly be repeating this promotion!"
Craig - Growing Pizza and Pasta Takeaway owner, Queensland

"When it comes to increasing profits, Peter Sun is pure genius. This package is full of the facts that can make people in business more profitable. If you are in business, any sort of business, drop everything and read it."
Winston Marsh - President of Australian Speakers Association


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