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Dmitri presenting in Auckland Dmitri Stern is available to speak publicly

Here is what others have to say about his mini seminar series "How to increase your profits by 33% in the next 60 days. Ethical Sales strategies or Forget Attitude!"

"In 30 minutes Dmitri summarised the key elements which can make 33% improvement in any business."

Brian Morris, NZ Institute of Business Studies

"Your presentation was excellent. It was highly practical, extremely motivating, and full of valuable information. I hope you can speak to us again before long."

Richard Webster, International Author (79 books)

"Very professional presentation, full of incredible useful information."

Frank Maes, EZY Presentations Ltd

"Simple to the point - no reason why I can't implement Dmitri's ideas."

Bob Jamieson, DS Wireless

Dmitri presenting in Rotorua
"Dmitri is very passionate and focused about his business. A strong emphasis on nurturing and looking after clients and giving value. Achieving fix objectives by effective systems. With philosophy of the more you give out the more will come back."

Dawn Mills, President of South Auckland SWAP, email Dawn
SWAP Web Site
Click here to see Dawn's letter.

"Dmitri's relaxed enthusiastic manner helped get his message accross"

Neil, Printing, Rotorua

Dmitri presenting in Devonport, Auckland
"A very enjoyable presentation wonderful to refresh and reaffirm the basics plus give some new angles of thought to help grow a stronger business"

Kaye Aldridge, Sales & Marketing Ray White Real Estate MREINZ, Rotorua

"Very good - a lot of information in a small time. Maybe give an example of how you have worked with a company & success from your programme"

Louise McKenzie, Northland Heating and Great Outdoors, Whangarei

"Dmitri's presentation made a complicated strategy very simple"

Jouliet Twyman, Designs Unlimited (graphic design), Whangarei

Dmitri presenting in Whangarei
"It's not a rocket science, but you need to do something about marketing and your presentation makes me do something this week."

Robyn Banks, Hairdressing, Whangarei

"Not being a sales person the presentation made me aware that there's more to marketing then hit & miss."

Unknown, Whangarei

"Great presentation. The information has given me some new tools for measuring growth, and in addition - opportunities for team training. Thank you for the wonderful book."

Maree Walters, Ecomist - Earthcare Northland Ltd, Director, Whangarei

"Reaffirmation of previously learned strategies - an effective 'reboot'."

Unknown, Whangarei

Dmitri presenting for NZ Society of Physiotherapists, Auckland

"Excellent - entertaining, relevant and useful presentation"

Ashley Lake, Physiotherapist, Auckland

"Very entertaining speaker with lots of interesting ideas. I got more drawn in to the presentation as it progressed..."

Marcelle Foster, Takapuna Physiotherapy, Auckland

"Dmitri is an enthusiastic presenter who knows his subject very well. His subject is well thought out and professionally presented."

Louise A. de Varga,
Composting for Shore, Auckland

Dmitri presenting for LIANZ (Landscaping Industry Association), Auckland
"Today's presentation is well organised. The audio and visuals were helpfull with presenting new ideas."

Yolanda Alba,
Blooming Garden, Auckland

"The seminar content is very practical ... Dmitri raised some very good issues and explained valid ways to address them. Many of the strategies discussed are relevant to my own business situation "

Greg Van Dugteren ,
Filters Direct, Auckland

Dmitri's seminar in Spencer Hotel, Auckland

"The presentation was extremely well researched, covered a vast number of scenarios and the presenter, Dmitri, was able to handle all questions presented by the public in attendance. His sense of humour was well placed and we were never at a loss in understanding the points covered."

Ross Sale ,
South Sea Enterprises Ltd, Auckland

"Excellent content - it's rare that 2 hour seminars nowadays can cover so much information in very easy to follow and well structured manner. Not only Dmitri gave us the theory but also plenty of practical examples that I'm going to implement in my beauty therapy business next week..."

Diane, beauty therapy, Auckland

"A great reminder that we are all in sales one way or another. As Dmitri says ."

Maggie Kerrigan , Kerrigan PR, Auckland

"Dmitri's presentation was very easy to follow. He covered topics in a way that was clear and easy to follow without using marketing jargon."

Christine , Auckland
Dmitri's seminar in Spencer Hotel, Auckland

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