Why Answering Questions on the Internet Helps You Generate More Leads

Why Answering Questions on the Internet Helps You Generate More Leads
March 22, 2012 Dmitri Stern

There have been rumours that the internet marketing industry is too crowded and the chances of earning profits online are already declining. Well, the reason why they remain rumours is because they aren’t true at all. This statement probably belongs to someone who tried to set their business up on the internet and failed.

The online business industry, like all the other types of business, is risky, challenging and yes, difficult. But it can promise you one thing– if you know how to use its potentials, massive success is guaranteed.

Whenever you’re selling a business, product or service online, keep this one word in mind: TRAFFIC. No matter how amazing your website looks or how much you’ve paid your web designer, if you do not have any traffic at all, you are nowhere near the prized internet success.

So the main challenge here is how to generate your leads. It shouldn’t be just any kind of traffic. It should be targeted traffic. If you’re new in the industry or been here for years yet you still have no idea on what keeps you failing, you’d be surprised at how many kinds of traffic streams there are.

There so many that you wouldn’t know where to start. I’m not saying that all of these are going to work out pretty well on your business since the nature of business itself is trial and errors. However, to start off, let’s discuss the question and answer sites.

The most common example would be Yahoo Answers, but there are still several other sites out there using the same format. Almost everybody who uses the internet has typed a query more than once in their lives. When the search engines process the question, they usually come up with Q&A websites as results. This right here pulls in targeted leads as the user asks a question, and you provide the question.

Along with the answers, some would put up links that lead to the designated website source. You can easily set up an account on these websites for free then answer questions that related to what your business is all about. You’ll be overwhelmed at the number of queries and realize that there are a lot of potential leads on these kinds of websites.

However, though Q&A websites are known to be user-friendly and free, it still is designed to detect spam and weak links. This means, you should only post quality links and content that wouldn’t be mistaken as spams. Failing to do this might delete your account and links on the site furthermore losing potential traffic.

The best places to start are:




Above three sites could, if used correctly generate a good quality back-links to your content rich and relevant website or blog.


Final words of advise:

1. Before answering find common questions

2. Most asked questions

3. Questions that are asked over and over again in cycles (i.e. winter related questions, tax returns related questions – at the end of financial year)

This will give you an indication about potential niche where you can focus your efforts.




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