Use Ping Services to Increase Traffic Immediately

Use Ping Services to Increase Traffic Immediately
August 19, 2013 Dmitri Stern

How Ping Services can assist you with extra traffic

As a [future] website owner  your objective is to get more of qualified traffic, you want the search engines to notice you. Once the search engines recognise your website, your next step would be to make them love you. This is why Ping services made it a whole lot easier.

Search engines are like the internet’s mother ship. They are the reason why there’s internet in the first place. With millions of queries made in a day, search engines have a systematic algorithm that brings in the most useful and relevant websites that could satisfy one’s curiosity best.

As an online business person, if you want profit, do not wait for Google to discover you naturally because chances are, they never really will. It’s your job to get their attention and tell them, “hey! I’m a website selling/promoting  this and that over here! People should check out my website at”

Ping is a XML-RPC-based push mechanism by which a weblog notifies a server that its content has been updated. Once you’ve updated your latest post, search engines will then index your content into their system so that whenever hits your keywords on searches, that specific update of yours will be waiting in line to be shown on the search results page.

The longer your ping list is, the more chances you have of being discovered. However, do not forget about the quality of your pings as this might be the reason of your downfall instead of your success.

Ping is all about updated content. There are some pings out there that might be spams as it aims to direct readers to outdated contents. Some of these are product vendors who use a weblog format in order to advertise or software companies who sell scripts that posts automated content from time to time.

Search engines appreciate that you want to get noticed. However, spamming is something that is despised. Once your website is caught spamming, you could be withdrawn off the listings and banned for life. Now this is not the case you would want to be in, right?

So in order to have quality ping services, do it the right way. Check your blog site’s dashboard for ping setting and provide credible and updated content.  For WordPress sites, you can modify your ping lists by going to the Control Panel, then Options, then Writing. Most of all, check out these ping list services:

List of Ping Services

Another ‘ping-list’

One more list of ping services

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