What Is “Attraction Marketing” And Why It Is So Effective …

What Is “Attraction Marketing” And Why It Is So Effective …
March 28, 2012 Dmitri Stern

For Years This Form Of Marketing Was Reserved To Only Movers And Shakers – Now You Can Utilise This Very Effective Form Of Marketing!

Many PR (public relationships) masters have said that the best thing to market on the internet is YOU.

You are stronger and more convincing than your products. You are the brain behind your services– this is the meaning of attraction marketing.

Attraction marketing is believed to be one of the strongest marketing tactics on the internet mainly because a real-life person is endorsing something to the public. Somehow, this brings a deeper connection between two entities (seller and customer) that share relevant opinions and views about something.

Have you noticed how celebrities, millionaires, experts and gurus can sell almost anything? There is an established psychology within the society that whenever someone famous or trustworthy person  is selling a brand, it’s accepted and reliable.

But if you’re not a celebrity, a millionaire or even an expert (more like one of the above in training 🙂 ), how can you make attraction marketing work?

What you need to do is brand yourself. By putting yourself into the market and getting out there, whatever product or brand that comes from you will seem trustworthy enough.

When marketing your brand, you should always think of how people will perceive you from their own computer screens. They don’t know you; they cannot “actually” see your products – so how will you sell? You have to make yourself reliable, trustworthy, pleasant and authoritative on the subject – you can achieve this through effective communication.

You can market yourself best through article and forum marketing; also blogging. These are mediums of communications for your audience to understand you better. Once they get to understand who you are and what your business is all about, they will be at ease with your company. Plus, it would help if you give them a little help by sharing your own industry tips and secrets. In the offline communication world, sharing secrets means trust. When you trust your readers with something, they begin to trust you back.

If you haven’t done this, it may be a risky move. Putting your face and name on the line may be quite a daunting experience, especially since it’s the internet. So before you jump into this, you have to be assured that you can do it; that your knowledge and skills are worthy enough for your customers to trust you with their hard-earned money.

Whenever you market yourself, your products and services will follow instantly. Sharing a bit of your knowledge to your audience would give the feeling of assurance and by assuring customers, you are bound to have loyal followers who are going to be with you for a very long time.

Here where to start:





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