Marketing points of distinction – Sampling Online…

Marketing points of distinction – Sampling Online…
June 25, 2011 Dmitri Stern

A trial period is a great variation of the ages old marketing strategy of Sampling.

“Give your qualified prospect an opportunity to try your product/service for free – if they like it – they will buy it!”

If you love that online tool and wanted to try it? Of course you can – just sign up for our ‘trial period’. However, in most cases the site owners will require you to submit your credit card, that will be charged in 30 days or so – unless you cancel the subscription (known as enforced or default charging).

Well, you know that the sales is the numbers game – for example: 100 visitors (walk-ins to your shop, inbound phone inquiries or website visitors), 12 really interested, 5 will go to the next stage (place order, will give you their email, etc), 2 will buy there and then. The ol’ good sales funnel – wide at the beginning – narrow at the end.

“Why such a big drop off?” – you’d ask. There are many choices – eg. ‘Why should I buy from you, vs. buying it from your competitors, vs. doing it myself, vs. doing nothing’. The bottom line: there are objections in your prospect mind.

How to overcome them? How to make it easier for your prospective customers to go to the next step in the sales process?

The key to ‘widening your sales funnel‘ – is to know (research) all possible objections and pre-handle them in the sales process.

If we know that the prospective customers are apprehensive of giving us a credit card details for the trial period of our product on our website – try this:

Try for free button

Split test this approach, comparing to the standard one – let your prospects vote with their wallets!

Remember to always test and measure, first on the small scale – before rolling out any marketing promotion!

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