How to Use Classified Ads when Generating Targeted Traffic

How to Use Classified Ads when Generating Targeted Traffic
March 22, 2012 Dmitri Stern

Get More Targeted Traffic With Online Classified Ads

Your success online depends on three factors:

1.    Finding a hungry (or at very least – interested) niche – MARKET;

2.    Having a good selling platform (typically this is your website. Good means – a good sales copy, shopping cart or at very least ability to capture leads and nurture them with the help of autoresponder – PLATFORM;

3.    Ability to generate traffic – this is the most important out of three, so that you have prospective customers that you sell to or who will buy from you (if you want to be politically correct ?) – TRAFFIC

In these series of articles I will be focusing on practical strategies that you can use to generate qualified traffic to your website. So, here goes…

If you want to sell online, you have to be very particular with your promotional tactics. There are a lot of marketing strategies all throughout the web some of them may be expensive and some aren’t, but all in all, if you work constantly and systematically on these ads, all of the strategies will work.

Classified ads are one of the many ways you can earn target traffic.  This is a great technique to push through whenever you’re into affiliate marketing. There are several online classified ads and some of the most popular are Craigslist, TradeMe, eBay, WebClassifieds and YahooClassifieds.

These kinds of websites are usually filled with people from different age groups, genders, ethnicities, backgrounds etc. Since they’re already searching for a specific ad, you already have a high chance of providing them with what they need.

One good thing about classified ads is; it can be either a free or paid service, depending on which website you choose. However, every website host is different and some may or may not work for you. In order to get positive results, you need to test your ads and work on them constantly.

There are also some classified ad sites that set out certain standards when it comes to posting your own ads. Some of them may require an advertiser to use only a specific location on where to advertise to and there might be certain terms of service. However, there are some sites that would offer perks for the advertisers such as allowing them to post free downloadable content as they place their ads.

All in all, classified ads are a means of getting targeted traffic because people already come on these types of websites with a goal. All you have to do is integrate the correct keywords and build quality links that would go directly to your site or specific web page.

Meanwhile, here are some websites that might help you regarding this topic:

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