How the third party and often FREE websites can ruin your next marketing campaign

How the third party and often FREE websites can ruin your next marketing campaign
November 4, 2012 Dmitri Stern
Dmitri Stern on third party tool for marketing

Don’t risk your marketing campaign results by using lots of third party webtools.

You’ve worked really hard and put a lot of planning and efforts to design this marketing campaign. You’ve checked all the links in your email and everything appear working just fine. Then you got paranoid and checked it again and then it worked just fine! Finally past mid-night – you’ve scheduled an email blast to your customers next day – the best possible time – say 11am.

Your email message is good and time sensitive:

Dmitri Stern on email marketing

Congratulated yourself and with the sense of accomplishment went to bed and saw wonderful dreams.

Only …. to wake up next day and discover to your utmost horror that your campaign (that you’ve just emailed to your well nurtured and looked after subscribers list) is not working. And how do you know this? Well, because you went to your email analytics to see how many click through you had received (as any good business owner a.k.a marketeer should) only to see there a BIG FAT ZERO in the results!

Why, what happen, why this happen to me, what did I missed?!?!?

Well you’ve missed nothing, you’ve done a good job, you’ve checked everything and it SHOULD work, but it didn’t….

Scrambling you clicked a link in your email, that supposedly should lead you to the destination landing page… and this is what you see once you’d clicked on it:

Dmitri Stern on third party tool for marketing

It might not be a software problem, it could be that your hosting company had decided to perform maintenance at night (of course night there is the day time at your locality). End result is same –

Your marketing campaign was not delivered and more then usual number of your subscribers had decided to opt out!


Here are the steps to take to assure this doesn’t happen to your next SEND:

1. Always check MOTD (Message Of The Day) of your hosting company – they will wanr you well in advance about upcoming service disruptions.

2. Try to minimize usage of third party tools i.e. URL shortners like: or (they are most popular); use Amazon s3 (paid service to host your videos – well worth it) instead of YouTube (free video hosting – you are not in control of the content) for your videos, etc.

3. Utilise simpler measurement tool for your campaigns.

3.1 Create another install of wordpress (if you use it) or create a separate and dedicated landing page om your server;

3.2 Make sure that Google Analytics code is added to that page as well as conversion page (i.e. ‘Thank you’, ‘Purchase’, etc)

3.3 Lead traffic to above page with your email blast or other marketing efforts and track down the source of leads – so you know your ROI (return on investment)

4. Keep it really simple – the less complex your campaign is – the less opportunities for it to break! Aka KISS – Keep it Simple Stupid 🙂

Yours for marketing success,





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