Here’s Why Banner Advertising is Still a Great Way To Generate Targeted Traffic To Your Website

Here’s Why Banner Advertising is Still a Great Way To Generate Targeted Traffic To Your Website
March 26, 2012 Dmitri Stern

Who Clicks On Banner Ads Nowadays? People who are interested in the subject!

Banner advertising may be the earliest form of online advertising, but it never really gets old.

Banners are usually the boxes you see on top or at the right-hand corner of a webpage whenever you use the internet. They are hyper-linked ads so that whenever someone clicks on them, they are directed to the URL of the advertiser. Banner ads are normally composed of static graphics. There are some that are animated and are known to be better in catching attention and traffic.

Many have claimed that since banner ads are one of the oldest types of promotional gimmicks, it never really works for an online business anymore. But, this is only true if you don’t know its latest forms.

Along with the evolution of the internet, most of its advertising methods have changed as well. Banner ads have evolved on their own, based on how advertisers present them to the public. Many businesses still prefer banner ads as the catchy graphics combined with good SEO techniques work really  well in getting targeted traffic.

Every business’ goal is to earn profit. To make this happen, all you need do is to acquire qualified potential leads (then, of course, have means and ways to convert them into sale) and by using banner ads and its required strategies, you can make this possible.

In order to create not just good ads but effective traffic creators as well, take note of the following guides:

  • Know the kind of banner you would need. A banner can be placed anywhere on a webpage. There is the standard 468×60 that is placed on the topmost portion and is the most visible. There’s also a 100×100 square banner that are placed on the sides and so on. Your banner preferences determine your ad’s visibility.
  • Conceptualise your ad, make a systematic yet interesting design, collaborate your ideas with a professional graphic artist and create a slogan or catchphrase that would be a guaranteed attention grabber.
  • Hire a professional graphics artist. This may mean added costs; however, a better looking ad (perhaps with a picture that could go viral on social media) has the better chance of getting traffic.
  • Improve and strategize your linking techniques. Your website may have a lot of pages and areas that might confuse your customers. Strengthen your sales tactic’s effectiveness by leading people into the right web page. And by ‘right’ I mean – linear page with no other navigation and only one goal in mind – make a sale or to harvest the contact details.

If you want to improve your advertising results, these are the websites that offer banner ads creation:

Wiki about Banner Ads

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Check out for pointers to the useful banner advertising networks.

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