Article Syndication Marketing: Why it’s Still a Very Effective Marketing Tool

Article Syndication Marketing: Why it’s Still a Very Effective Marketing Tool
March 25, 2012 Dmitri Stern

How To Article Syndicate Your Website and Get Extra Traffic

Article marketing is still very much alive. You might think that because of the dawn of audio books, videos, and the dreaded Google Panda, writing and reading articles are a thing of the past. Well, after reading this, you might change your mind.

Articles are one of the strongest marketing tools in the online business model. People will always go online to get what they want and need, and through articles, you are giving them exactly that. Somehow, a carefully laid out article gives them an in-depth knowledge and the users will have a clearer understanding of something by simply reading the material. But of course, the interest factor shouldn’t miss a beat as well.

In order to monetise your articles, there is something called Article Syndication Marketing. It basically is the same as article marketing, but an improved version. Article Syndication Marketing is the reason why article marketing is still alive in the internet business industry.

But before you think about the money you’ll get, think about how you’re going to make your articles interesting and potentially saleable (as of generating interest and quality traffic to your website).

Articles on the internet always have to be of good quality. It doesn’t mean that you have to write or hire a writer who could make articles that are “The-New-York-Time’s-worthy”. Quality articles mean that you can reach a large numbers of readers who are interested in the topic and most likely to make a buying decision or at very least get interested enough to give you their contact details.

These are the kinds of articles that people want to go through and finish; the ones they bookmark for further reading and the ones they want to e-mail to their friends or even better share through their Social Media profiles. To make this happen, the largest contributing factor here is the title itself. The title is the deciding feature if the reader is going to have a chance to read your material or not.

You have no idea how one simple write-up can influence a person. The way the words are written can impose, inspire or interest. If you’re able to do all three to a reader, you are bound to get traffic and this is the time you can syndicate throughout the web.

Article syndication, though it sounds illegal, is nowhere near that at all. This is the process of spreading out your articles on websites that already have a good amount of traffic. It seems like a give and take process, you post content on syndication site and when somebody reads it; they are lead to your main page.

The larger the number of your viewers, the larger your traffic will be and in time, search engines will notice what’s going on and give your website the ranking it deserves.

For article syndication services, check out these websites in order of the “Page Rank”:

Ezine Articles
Article Dashboard
Article Snatch
Article City
Go Articles

Also these sites will give you a good ideas about article syndication possibilities…

SEO Peace
Content Spooling
First Place Positioning

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