About Dmitri Stern

Who’s Dmitri Stern? He’s the author of this blog and here’s his story in images…

Dmitri Stern presents another powerful marketing seminar








Dmitri is a mentor, business owner, presenter, author and educator!

marketing and sales trainer










He’s not bad looking fellow, intelligent, yet modest 🙂

At Dmitri Stern's training








He likes to teach the cutting edge marketing and sales strategies, while having a lot of fun with his students!

Dmitri Stern with Batman and Co








He’s a superhero in training and that’s why he likes to hangout with accomplished superheroes…

Dmitri Stern with Sir Richard Branson







…like an amazing mentor – Sir Richard Branson

learning from the best








…or Sir Michael Hill – who’s truly inspirational

with my great mentor









With my inspiration and modern day business hero – Tony Robbins

Frank Lowie of Westfield is a great business role-model







…or with Frank Lowie of Westfield – he’s my great business role-model!

Robert Kiyosaki got me started with property investment










With Robert Kiyosaki – he got me started with property investment

Smoking guns







This is my A Team

Dmitri Stern's children








They are ready to take off – any time!

Skiing trip with my kids








No mountains will stop them

Dmitri Stern flying with family








And if it’s too high – we can just fly over it

scuba diving








If it is too deep – we can always dive under it

Dmitri Stern - runner










No distance is an obstacle








He loves water and speed

Dmitri Stern is having fun with family








And sometimes he grows long hair and respectful moustache.

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