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The killer ad that pulls enquiries like a magnet and how it can be made into “deadly” unstoppable marketing ‘weapon’!

Let’s analyse it:

1. It has a captivating headline…”7 Great reasons to call us
immediately to solve your roofing problem” – if you are on
the market and looking for roofing contractor, would you
agree that this ad will stand out from the rest?

2. Great sub-headline “Please read this before you call any
roofing contractor”

3. Guarantee – not some watery 12 months – but 25 and 50
years life time guarantee – most houses won’t last that long
nowadays. It’s good idea to blast your heavy cannons in the
beginning and not hold it off until the end. I’m in, what
about you?

4. Picture of a man working on the top of the roof which is
look like quite a complex job, picture of  complete house
with intricate tile roof. And of course the picture of
smiling professional and friendly team – which gives you
impression of solid back-end, not some by-night fliers.

5. They’ve surely done their homework and asked their
customers what they like and what they hate in roofing
contractors. Betcha the answers are HERE

An example of great Ad

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